Guillaume de Baudus

Incubation period

February 1957: birth in Paris.

The memories of the ancestors and their history are omnipresent, creating an atmosphere of persistence of their presences. The continuity and the link between the generations which has always been transmitted gives me this feeling of belonging to a whole that goes beyond me.

The freedom that I enjoyed during my childhood allows me to develop my taste for creativity very early on and for exploring these “hidden things” that you only feel by watching and listening.

My school curriculum is as scientific (mathematics, physics, …) as classical (Latin, ancient Greek, …).

I have kept a spirit of analysis, intuition and observation nourished by the strange and mystical atmospheres of antiquity and what preceded it.

My entourage instilled in me a taste for emotion, sharing, curiosity, empathy, respect for the universal elements.

Nourished by the works of Rembrandt, Bosch, Hubert Robert, Fauves, Impressionists and Surrealists, a revelation takes place in the discovery of the works of Rothko, Kieffer, Nicholas de Staël and of course Giacometti.

A work of introspection, of inner and then universal discovery begins and continues through my painting made of observation, feeling and connection to the “beings” around us.


Training period

  • Baccalaureate in literature
  • CLOUET art workshop – Paris
  • Graduate school of interior architecture NISSIM DE CAMONDO – Paris
  • Academy of the Grande Chaumière – Paris
  • Higher School of Interior Architecture Academy of the Grande Chaumière – Paris

Maturation Period

After my training at the Nissim de Camondo school and at the Grande Chaumière, and obtaining a diploma in interior architecture, I practiced this profession for more than 35 years.

This experience allows me to penetrate the heart of living places, buildings, landscapes, the environment and beyond the intimate life of each, their sensitivity, their desires, their doubts.

Already I seek the concordance of these intimate vibrations of beings and things that mark my pictorial work.


Artistic period

At the same time I draw, paint, sculpt and give lessons in different art schools and free workshops.

  • Paris American Academy – Paris
  • Atelier de Sèvres – Paris
  • Higher School of Industrial Design (E.S.D.I) – Paris
  • Atelier du Passage – Paris

Creative period

Painting now occupies all of my activity.

My workshop in Sèvres is a place of sharing and exchange with the other artists also installed in this grouping of workshops.

I participate in various private exhibitions in symbolic places steeped in history (churches, monasteries, caves, castles, …)

I also participate in various collective events or exhibitions including:

Studio Christian Campont – Paris / Galerie Thuilliez – Paris / Salon d’Automne – Grand Palais – Paris / Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts – Carrousel de Louvres – Paris / ArtExpo – New-York International Art Gallery / Village Switzerland – Paris / Journée du Patrimoine – Château de Tartigny – France / International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair – Paris / Art of the Nude – Paris / Galerie Nova Art Space – Sofia – Bulgarie