Biblioteca civica / Rovereto

November – December 2020

“A4 FORMAT sguardo oltre la pandemia”

“A4 FORMAT looking beyond the pandemic”

Gianmario Baldi / Silvio Cattani

“A4 FORMAT looking beyond the pandemic” was born in full lockdown: it is March 2020 and in this condition of total blockade and in a deserted, almost isolated, city we decide to promote an opportunity to meet and exchange on an artistic level to question what was happening and to understand, in this extraordinary context, the possible functions of cultural institutions. The idea was to create a tangible event, an original exhibition “beyond the pandemic”. We have thus illustrated the project to a few artists by inviting them to send us their testimony, one of their original works on paper, to help us look in a different and positive perspective, as a message of hope. The artists, with the works donated to the Civic Library of Rovereto, thus help to underline the role of public institutions, that of being “granaries to stem a winter of the spirit”. From the first artists involved, others, over time, more and more have been added enthusiasm joined the proposal and now there are almost one hundred and seventy authors present in the performances of the whole world. As the title indicates, these are A4 format papers that will constitute more than a traditional exhibition a kind of installation, a story in images, a testimony of what and how the artists lived and still live this pandemic situation. which prevents us from practicing a normal daily life. At the same time, here is the strength of artistic representation, its capacity for innovation and stimulation, which questions us in the depth of our soul and gives us the strength to continue dreaming in a future vision.

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