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February 12, 2020 – March 7, 2020

Le G.D.S
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After different individual journeys and various exhibitions around the world, Amor, Jean-Pierre Duriez and Guillaume de Baudus, three painters from Sèvres, decided to create « le Groupe de Sèvres ».

« Le Groupe de Sèvres » aims to promote everyone’s painting through a common European itinerary.

Bringing together the experience of each artist creates a creative dynamism that enables the various important galleries to be offered a complete cultural and artistic project.

After a first stop at Palazzo Roverrella in Citra, Italy, Guillaume de Baudus, the originator of this “Groupe de Sèvres“, proposed to continue this roaming in Sofia during this period when Plovdiv, a neighboring city, is the European capital of culture.

After each event, we continue to maintain a privileged relationship with each place to offer other artistic events and thus continue to maintain a constructive collaboration with our host city.

As we travel, other cities and other places will welcome us and thus we will achieve the objective of creating a network where the painting and the influence of the
« Le Groupe de Sèvres » will develop.

On the occasion of each exhibition, « Le Groupe de Sèvres » invites an important artist representative of a sensitivity complementary to that of the group in different disciplines such as sculpture, ceramics, drawing, etc.

This is how this invitation was offered to Claudio Cuomo, sculptor from Napoli, for the Sofia exhibition and which he made us the friendship to accept.

This major project, which has received active support from the French Cultural Institute, is now hosted by the Nova Art Space Gallery in Sofia, which has enthusiastically accepted us to host this event from the start.

The exhibition in Sofia took place from Tuesday February 12, 2020 to March 7, 2020

The Nova Art Space gallery is a central and essential place in the artistic life of the city. It is located at 3 Saborna st, Sofia.

It offers a resolutely modern and spacious space with exceptional brightness.

Vania and Spartak, the masters of the place, welcomed this project with great dy-namism and offered it an environment and a promotion of great professionalism.

Thanks to the support of the French Cultural Institute, significant media coverage confirmed the importance of this event.

Here below, for examples, the links of some publications and broadcasts :